Real Madrid did not get along with Sevier

Lionel Messi’s match against Barcelona in El Clasico ended with a draw, but Sevier could not cope with Real Madrid.

On Wednesday night, Sevia won 3-2 in Real Madrid against Real. The team lost Real to their own field last season. However, in the first leg of the league, Sania bernabu fired Sevilla by 5-0 goals in Real. No match was seen in Wednesday’s match. Sevia has kept the hopes of playing in the Europa Cup after winning this match. 
Real, however, came down on the field with a second-string team. Cristiano Ronaldo was not in the attack, forward like Gareth Bale or Luca Rodriguez, midfielder like Tony Crusades Regardless of the absence of regular players, most of the guests have been defended. And by taking advantage of this opportunity, Sevia has lifted the victory.
Ben Yead, Miguel Léon and Sebastian scored one goal each for Sevier. And the third goal came in the form of Sergio Ramos as a suicide goal. On the other hand, Borgia Myréral and Sergio Ramos scored one goal each in Real.
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