The Unlucky Kangana Ranawat

Bollywood’s Queen Kangana Ranawat feels like ‘Unlucky’. But not about carrier, he blames love fortune. At this moment he is quite busy with the Mikaranika – The Quinn of Jhansi. However, in the news headlines repeatedly his name has come up in the news headlines. Whose water has passed to the court. And once again, once again he started to face the controversial issue.

Kangna said that he was an unliky about his last. She said that this society emphasizes marriage to girls within 30 years of marriage. But she still did not think of getting married. He is clear that he is not 30 and not nine! However, she was very serious about the marriage and family-family issues, but the actress did not want to make a special waterfall.
This is not the end, he also pulled the issue of X-Flame study saying that Sumon’s kangana is black-magic witch. Beauty With Brain said that his nickname was his choice but he did not like the way he was told.
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