Salman is turning to break the relationship with Lulia

Social media again with Salman Khan’s relationship with Bollywood actress Lullia Vantur It is said that Lulia has flipped with Salman.
For a couple of years, talks about Salman’s relationship with Lulia are going on in Bollywood. On May 13, 2016, Salman and Lulea were seen together for the first time at the wedding ceremony of Preity Zinta in Mumbai. Although they went to the ceremony in a separate car. Then they were seen together in different places. Luliya has been seen on almost all the occasion of the Khan family. He also accompanied Salmaan’s mother Salma Khan to the airport and to a farmhouse in Penvel. But it is likely that there is a rift.

Basically, the speculation started around a post of Lulia in Instagram. In this post, the actress and model wrote, “In the past I was probably the biggest mistake, I believed, love to find the right person. But in reality love to become a suitable person. Do not look for the person you want to live with. Rather, become the person you want to live with. ‘ Although Salman’s fans had to comment on this post after commenting it, Lulia deleted it.
A few days ago Salman’s favorite Big Boss competitor Eli Abram posted a picture in Instagram. It is seen in the film, that in the presence of Luliya, Eli hugged Eli back from behind. After that the photos were deleted. But that’s not to be overlooked by Salman’s fans. This post is significant in the post of Lulia.
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