Roberto has been banned for four matches

Barca Defender Sergio Roberto received a red card on Sunday for Real Madrid’s injury to Marcelo in El Salvador, in the last season of the Nou camp. The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has banned him from four matches for this offense. Due to sanctions, Roberto could not play the remaining three of the season and the first match of the coming season.

Roberto has confirmed the ban on the official website in a disciplinary statement. 
Roberto had received a red card directly from Barca’s goal-keeper in front of the goal-spinner Herschelle Marcelo at the time of injury. 
Referee Alejandro Hernandez mentioned in the post-match report that Roberto was blamed for striking an elbow with elbow, when the ball was not under his control. 
Roberto did not play in the home match against Vierville. And now this is not against Levante and Real Sociedad because of this ban. After 1933, as the first team in the league, there is a chance to win the title, in front of Barcelona. 
A total of eight players from each of the two teams have been shown yellow cards in the exciting match of Sunday. There is a debate between Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos and Barcelona forward Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.
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