Hillary Clinton stood beside Afridi

Former US Secretary of State and First Lady Clinton Hillary Clinton stood beside Pakistani star cricketer Shahid Afridi Afridi has developed a foundation in the service of humanity. It is working for the welfare of poor and destitute. The cricketer is getting great support from all over.
Afridi received a big support from former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in that sequence. The cricketer also expressed his gratitude to Hilary for his co-operation.
Afridi wrote in a tweet box, thank you for the help and well-being of human welfare, Hillary Clinton. We’re all together, hopefully we’ll be unbeaten.
The former captain of the Pakistan team linked him to a video of Hillary. The former US First Ladies, who wished Afridi Foundation best wishes.
Afridi-run service is working in education and health in different areas of terrorism. A few days ago, the company extended its hand in helping the treatment of former legend hockey player Mansur Ahmed. Those who are suffering from heart disease are struggling with death.
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