For Mars health checkup, NASA Spacecraft was on cosmic path

The world’s doctor went to Mars. Hear the heart of the Red Planet to hear the ear The NASA Spacecraft has passed cosmic paths to check the health of the red planet. 

What is the shaking of Mars? Was his skin ever worth the ravage? How was the stone level of Mars prepared? In these mysteries, Mars Insight flew to Mars from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in southern California.

Saturday, Indian time flies to Mars from South Africa’s Vandenberg Air Base at 5:30 AM, Mars Insight As a result, it is thought that after comparison with the Earth, it is found that the layers of Mars in the inner structure of the structure are related.
“When the seismic wave flows around Mars, (the machine) can gather information about the waves flowing through different levels of stones,” said Bruce Bainardt, chief researcher of the Insight mission. After getting information about the seismograph, scientists know the structure of the rock. When we get a lot of information from various Marsquaques, in all we can create a 3D image inside Mars, ” 
A ‘Lander’ has been sent in Inside with the help of Atlas Rocket from Vendenburg Air Base in California. In the last decade of the last century, NASA sent a seamometer to Mars in a number of Vikings landers. Although they were not able to achieve such success due to the formation.
This landmark of Insight will detect earthquake below three levels, send information about it. Scientists say that even if this machine can detect exactly how many vibes it detects in a year, they hope that at least dozens of earthquakes can be found from the lander.
The idea that Mars’s formation and depth can be determined by the adequate information available from the information of mild earthquakes. Even though NASA did launch, it was actually tilatama that he was taken to Tulatma. With him there are several reticular instruments made by the European Space Agency.
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