China’s new ‘Movie Hub’ to give Hollywood an Ace!

Send satellite to space or any important thing in the United Nations. The United States and China’s fight is global. The film also added to it. Real estate company Dalian Wanda Group has created a huge movie hub for making pictures of the port city of Qingdao on the northern side of China. 
The way the Hollywood word is written on the head of the guard, it is written in Chinese characters Dong Fang Ying Doo or Oriental Movie Metropolis. Although a partial opening in 2016, the Chinese movie Hub has been completely opened since Saturday.
Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee and Charlie Chaplin’s huge portrait will be seen in front of the entrance. Wanda, president of Wanda Group, claims that this movie, created entirely by local style, has the largest studio in the world. There are also hotels, two halls and yachts. 
There are also special arrangements for attracting Hollywood directors in the hub. However, this movie, which was partially opened in 2016, has not yet made any foreign films. Only a few Chinese films have been made. As a result, the Wanda group and its president will say how much time will be implemented.
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