The Aliens are ‘prisoners’ in gravity

There is no end to the imagination of the creatures of alien. Ongoing discussions and research Stephen Hawking firmly believed that there were aliens. As we are looking for them, they are looking for us too. Scientists of the Senchenberg Observatory of Germany were further strengthened by Hawking’s research.
They say the gravitational power of the planet on the planet that the aliens are living on is so intense that they are in captivity. That super-Earth is 10 times bigger than ours.
Michael Heype, the head of the researcher’s team, said, “The world is bigger than the Earth and the gravity of the gravitational world.”
Scientists further say that it is almost impossible to bring a spacecraft into that superhero. Because, there is so much more power in gravity. And if the spacecraft is to be removed, it will take 400 thousand metric ton rocket with intense gravity power. Because lots of energy is needed. 
Ref. Source: bd-pratidin
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