Mummy mystery, it can be the last king of Iran

A group of construction workers found a mummy on the ground in Shahr-e-Rey, on the south of Tehran in the Iranian capital. It is believed that it may be the body of the last Shah or King Reza Pahlavi. Because the area where mummification was found, there was the tomb of Shah Reza Pahlavi in the Shahr-e-Rey area.
After the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the revolutionaries destroyed the tomb. Then there was no search for his remains. The mummies were found several decades after the fall of the Shah Dynasty through the Islamic Revolution in Iran.
Pahlavi’s grandson Reza Pahlavi is in exile in the United States. After matching the findings, she said in a tweet from the United States, forensic reports have not yet reached her to confirm the carcass. Still, he is thinking, Mummy is his grandfather or grandfather.
In a statement on Twitter, he requested the authorities to take measures to make the remains buried in Iran in due respect.
Reza Pahlavi has said on Twitter that neither is the father of modern Iran, nor as a king. Only a common army and the people of the people should be identified in the place known as Reza Shah’s tomb.
Chairman of the Cultural Heritage Committee of Tehran told a local news agency that Mummy is likely to be the remains of the former leader.
Reza Shah was one of the leaders of the army in Iran. He established the rule of the Pahlavi dynasty.
That dynasty ruled Iran for more than 50 years since 1925. Criticizing religion against him and allegations of human rights violations repeatedly. Reza Shah died while in exile in South Africa. His body was first buried in Egypt. Later, it was brought to Iran. 
Ref. Source: BBC Bangla | bd-pratidin
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