The water is spread across the moon, claims scientists!

There is no end to human speculation in the world outside the world. And with this, the moon has revealed another important information about the moon. India’s Chandrayaan-1 and NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter released this information. They said the moon’s water is not stored in any particular place. Perhaps it has spread to the surface of the entire moon. An information has been published in Nature Geoscience.
Senior researcher of the Space Science Institute of America, Joshua Bandfield, said, “It is not a matter of time or night, we are seeing or latiting in latitudes. All signals were found to exist in water. The existence of water does not depend on the surface of the surface. Water is nearby. “
Studies show that there is water in the lunar latitude of the Moon. According to moon day (29.5 days as earth) it increases and decreases. This information will help the researchers to pursue research on the moon water. What will be the source of the moon’s water, how it comes, will also help. If there is enough water in the moon, and if it reaches it, then it can be used as a drinking water in the future. If it does not, then you can get hydrogen and oxygen gas from the water. The gas can also be used for rocket fuel or as a breathing.
The new information says that, maybe initially the water is OH. Or in the form of a compound near H2O. It could be possible to break down hydrogen and oxygen molecules. OH is called hydroxyl. It can not stay like this for a long time. It is associated with some molecule.
Ref Source: bdpratidin
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