‘People will touch the soil in Mars within 20 years’

There is no end to human speculation on the solar system. Many discussions have already begun with this. And according to the fact that the next 20 years people will arrive in Mars predicted that British astronaut Tim Pick. According to him, this impossibility will be possible for business venture initiatives like Elon Mask.

Earlier this month, the Mask Company Space X that launched the successful Falcon Heavy Rocket launched a new chapter in the development of space, like Peek. He said that government aerospace companies said that by 2030 people will land on Mars soil. However, such a commercial flight will bring that date further.

Peik has completed the International Space Station campaign in 2016. He believes that Deep Space Gateway will play an important role in the development of space. Various organizations have taken up this space station project. Trying to start human trafficking from this station is going on.

Pick said, ‘I think people will be in Mars at the end of 2030. That is what the Government Space Agency and the International Space Inventions Team.

Ref Source: bdpratidin 
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