Life on Jupiter moon!

Scientists have claimed that life may be found in another place in the solar system. Recently it is known that the water is in liquid state at one place. And in another ‘Destination’, the ‘abyss’ of the extraordinary water is similar, where there are at least three hundred million microorganisms under the water. Researchers at the University of Sao Paulo reported this information. 
They said that there is water below the ice sheet in Jupiter’s moon Europe. Researchers said that there could be life in the water if there is water. Not only that, they have got similarity to the climate of the world with the weather here.
Brazilian National Synchrotron Light Laboratory researcher Douglas Gallant said that they were looking for the usable energy in Europe. The research was going on with the information that was found based on the environment of the world.
Scientists have noticed some changes in the depth of 2.8 kilometer from the surface of the Mapeng Gold mining land near Johannesburg, South Africa. There is a lot of information about the life of the world. There are many similarities with that of the Europa. One kind of radioactive uranium was found in the money. It breaks the water molecules into the ground. These elements attract nearby stones and make sulphates. 
Bacteria synthesizes those sulphates and stores energy. This was the first time that the direct ecosystem was discovered as a nuclear power.
According to researchers, the condition of the mine is now, the same situation in the Europa Sea. The surface of the euro surface is just zero. There is a lot of heat stored in the center. Uuphorse orbital elliptical due to the strong force of Jupiter. This gas condition is very close, not too far. It’s not clear yet. But researchers say the satellite’s temperature is not enough to steal water.
The Europaar corresponds to the biological changes in the world that have been known till date. Researchers say that the change in radar, ion or electron in the world is changing in the same way. The same radioactive material found in Europa was found in Europa during the Sunapova blast.
Research has found substances such as uranium, thorium and potassium. The sea that has been discovered in Europe is similar to the conditions of the world millions of years ago. Very similar to the previous world with the Europa. As a result, the soul here can not be blown away.

Ref Source: bdpratidin
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