‘Wikipedia Zero’ information service is closing!

In 2012, the ‘Wikipedia Zero’ started with the dream of fulfilling the right to know all the information. The Wikimedia Foundation, the owner of the online Encyclopedia site Wikipedia, was the entrepreneur of the project. Information services were provided without any data charge. But after the half-life, the decision was taken away from the ‘Wikipedia Zero’. The company has announced that it is going to discontinue the viewing services without data charge from mobile devices.
Although the main idea of this project is that, in developing countries, telecommunication providers will allow residents to view Wikipedia information without any data charges. 
According to a report by Technology Site Engadget, Wikimedia has stopped contracting new telecommunications providers. At the same time the current deals will end. 
Why is this project going off? Wikimedia has some reasons to mention one of them is a little known. People from developing countries are not as knowledgeable about Wikipedia as people in North America and Europe.
In addition, in the last few years, the usage of data on mobile phones has decreased. Because of this, many users can browse Wikipedia without any special discount, for them the Zero project may not be so interesting.
Ref: bdpratidin
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