Why is she single? Details said by Priyanka Chopra.

Soon after Valentine’s Day The market, on Facebook, on Twitter, cinema has started all over its preparations. On the side of the eye, the red colored papilla shaped balloon and rose.
In a recent interview she said that she came to ‘Coffee with Karan’ and said, as long as she was wearing an engagement ring in his hand, she was single And the day when I will go, tell the whole world.
But in another interview in the year 2018, he told that she was about a love till the beginning of last year. She said, “I am a serial monogamist. I was deep in relation. But it lasted almost a year, I’m single.”
Priyanka also said that during this time she had met many men and met with her. Many tried to impress her. But nobody could take the place in his mind. 
That’s why this love is thousands of roses in the monsoon, but no one can touch the beauty of the rose rose rose.
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