What is the things see this Chinese beauty by Sunglasses!

Chinese police using facial recognition sunglasses to catch suspects in the railway stations of Xiangzhou, the capital of Henan Province, China. This smart glass looks like the original Google Glass in the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, the Chinese police administration has said that this glass has helped seven accused arrested.
The Glass Construction Agency said that these glasses are associated with a database. Through this, the appearance of suspected criminals from the tourists is matched. It is not clear whether it takes time to look after someone in reality. 
It can be seen in the examination that this system can detect the appearance of one lakh pictures per second in every database. There are others who have been involved in using this glass, from the violation of the traffic law, among other suspects.
Although the facial fixation system is the first, Chinese police using more sophisticated technology to catch criminals. But the system has been told to catch the perpetrators.
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