Virus attacks, Facebook to get rid off

At the end of 2017, the virus was prevalent on Facebook. Users were scared to lose their personal information to the hackers. In spite of the year, still active hackers the virus was attacked in Singapore in January last year. The Facebook users here read about the terrible revolt. 
The most common of these malware is the name Facebook Video Virus. It is mainly spread through Facebook Messenger. There are also various types of malware. Ever send spam messages to everyone on your friends list, or even spreading a ‘fakes’ competition. 
There are gifts of gifts. This bait was created with the opportunity to win expensive ingredients. Many dangerous viruses roam around your Facebook account. So be careful. Do not know what to do to get rid of them. 
Do not click on suspicious links sent to a friend of yours. Especially video or pictures. If you want to click on the right way, before you click on a message to the friend know whether he has sent the link. Do not respond immediately to a game request. It may be that the cybercriminals can be exploited
If you understand the virus, then change your Facebook password as soon as possible. Tell all friends as well, you have read the virus. After downloading the remote or spammy anti-malware. After that scan your computer.

Ref: bd-pratidin
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