Virat Kohli was scared!

Anushka Sharma is scared of the small teaser of Anushka Sharma’s new picture ‘Pari’. Virat Kohli is not left out of fear. After Tees’s release, Tweet said, ‘I’ve just loved watching the teaser.’
Sometimes in a poster, sometimes in a teaser, ‘Pretty’ Anushka is pretty surprised And this time Ganesha will give a thorn in the new form of Anushka. This was first seen in teaser by Parabrahat Chattopadhyay. 
A few days ago, in the first paragraph of the film ‘Praha’ itself brought publicly. And seeing the whole of Bollywood was awe. With Anushka Sharma’s new picture story, there is less curiosity in the whole of Bollywood. Because Ankka has explained the picture in the movie, and again she is going to kill the maelstrom stroke with the picture.
Parabrahat Chattopadhyay has played in the film ‘Pya’. Mami Chakravarti was supposed to act. But because of the illness, Mimi came back at the last moment. The film will be released on March 2, 2018.
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