The mystery of Katrina ‘fitness’ has leaked


While shopping, you cannot buy any clothes despite the choice. Because there is excess fat in the body, it is necessary to keep your favorite clothes.
In order to get rid of fatless, many people spend eating or eating a single meal, or spending hours in the gym for hours. So do not make yourself a diet charts, know the secret of fitness like Katrina Kaif.
1. According to an All-India media report, the heroine of Khan, drinking at least four glasses of water before going to sleep first.
2. Eat cornflakes or oatmeal in breakfast
3. At lunch Katrina Khan’s brown bread and butter With Grilled Fish
4. In the evening Brown Bread Khan with pinch butter.
5. Dinner bread, soup, grilled vegetables and fish.
6. Besides, every two hours a day, cooked vegetables and fruits, Katrina, eat.
But with the meal regularly regular body exercises. Regardless of the professional fitness trainer like Katrina, regular yoga, or jogging. But not one day or two. If you follow this routine every day you will get a look like a mind.
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