Strategize to reduce the weight with yourself!

For reducing weight we have repeatedly given up and left it – such people are all around us. It is not possible to achieve the purpose of making a strong promise. He has to adopt psychological techniques. My own mental battle with myself!
Seeing a favorite food is difficult to maintain yourself. Strategy in this case. Ask yourself, I have to eat it or choose a healthy diet. The mind must comply with the second.
Due to this formula many people will want to end the meal together. Avoid this practice. Keep it back to eat again. List by calculating calories.
Find out about the food that is a favorite but harmful food. There is no doubt that the choice will be added to the list of disadvantages.
Do not do other things like watching TV, reading newspapers, or watching it on the phone while eating. It consumes more. 
Eat small plates / bowls. Have fun with food. Do not rush. Take time to eat. It is less eaten.
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