Sports car in the wrong way in space!

Along with rockets, the Arab Alan mask, which had left for Mars, was found to have escaped from a certain road and went into the wrong way. Just one day before the car was on its way. 
A company named SpaceX sends a rocket to Mars, with which the sports car is sent. Falcon Heavy goes with the rocket, the Tesla car. This car came out of the rocket in orbit in between the Earth and Mars. But after leaving the rocket, the car went into trouble and then went to another road.
According to news sources, the weight of the rocket weighing about 64 metric tons from SpaceX, and it is almost equal to the weight of two space shots. It has 27 marlin engines and its length is about 70 meters. This rocket is approximately equal to 23 floors of the house. After NASA’s Atlas V, this rocket is considered to be the most powerful rocket.
Space X owner Elon Mask said that the car is now close to other smaller planets. Worried about the whole issue, Space X Agency.
Ref: bd-pratidin
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