‘Private things are as secret as possible’- Popular actress Ileana D’Cruz of Bollywood

Popular actress Ileana D’Cruz of Bollywood and southern film. For the last few days, the actress married a movie about the movie.
Ilya posted a photo recently with Australian photographer Andrew Nivon. In the caption, ‘the most favorite time of the year’. Not only that, he wrote in photo credits to husband name Andrew Nivon then begins the discussion.
Recently, Ileana said at the promotion of Raid Cinema, “I do not understand what to answer. I do not think there is any need to talk about marriage. Keeping my personal things as secret as possible. I do not want to talk too much about this. But everyone still has a lot to see.”
Earlier, when the couple got married, Ileana said in the media, “I think the first thing you have committed is the most important. Whether you’re dating, married or live-in, whatever the level of commitment is but equal.”
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