Invincible Female Warrior in the World

According to Poet, before the women laughed, the earth was depressed, the garden was jungle, and the man was the monk. Centuries have been the symbol of beauty and gentleness of women. The man who is trapped in a mage has many tiger laborers. But these women have taken up arms in their hands, have achieved their worthiness, capabilities, heroism. In the ages, some brave women have emerged, who have defeated many heroes in front of them. The people whose leadership gave a glimpse of the ancient world Likewise, some of the great women fighters in today in Feature:

Chief of the first female naval chief in history
Artemisia was the ruler of Ioniana appointed by Persia. He was also the first female navy chief in the history of the world. This woman was a great warrior in the battlefield. Sharp?? This woman herself took her own unique height as a skilled and intelligent warrior. He was most remembered for his role in Salamis’ battle. The only Artemisia advised the Persian war between the Greek forces and the King of Persia, not fighting in the sea. Zarzis was very impressed with his tactics. He said, ‘My men have become all girls and girls have become male.’ For the sake of the state, Artemisia did not hesitate to go against the advice of other generals. Such was the brave warrior Artemisia.
Imperial Queen against Imperialism
Deshokaka’s queen was the Deshokka queen after the death of the king of his husband, Norfolk, when the kingdom became guardian, the Queen, together with the kingdom of Vadikas, was handed over to her daughters and the Roman emperor. But the Romans bend. They did not accept the joint rule. They occupy the whole empire. The cruelty is repelled and deported. And her daughters were raped. Then Rani Rusikba led the revolt against the occupation forces of the Roman Empire. Finally, the people of Norfolk and neighboring areas support the Wudakba. In his leadership, attacks were carried out on the pillars. In this war, the army of the armed forces gained huge success. They completely destroyed Roman-led Kamulomdum city. The statue of this queen is now a symbol of the British Empire.
He was the highest priest and commander
Fu Hao
Perhaps the most ancient and successful woman commander in the history of the world is Phu Hao. He was the wife of King Wu Ding of the Shang Dynasty of China. He also served as the highest priest and commander, which was a rare event for the time being. The old figure was shown to lead him in many military operations. He was the Chief Captain of the army. With almost 13 thousand soldiers, Phu Hao formed the most powerful military force of the time. Especially ‘or’ war was the oldest guerrilla war in China’s history. In describing this war, Fu Ho introduced the excellent tactics to kill the Ba-Fang forces. Shortly after this victory, he died in physical fatigue and weakness. The tomb of this heroic woman has been discovered completely in Yanzhao.
Two of the best heroes of Vietnam are women
Trung sisters
Turing sisters were two famous women warriors in history. They were the most military leaders in Vietnam. For more than three years, the Chinese Han Empire attacked in Vietnam. At the same time, these two sisters’ sophistication has resisted them. For this achievement, he is remembered as the national hero of Vietnam. Vietnam was once under the Chinese empire for almost a thousand years. At that time the advent of two sisters Turing’s husband Thei Saka secretly planned to rebel against Chinese forces. But the Han rulers killed Thea Sak. After this Turing Tram took the leadership of this rebellion. With Sister Turing Nike, she liberated many areas of Vietnam from the Chinese rule within a few months. Two queens committed suicide by drowning in the Christian 43rd year.
The Night in the Panther’s Skin
King of the kings and queen of the queen was the daughter of the Georgian king. While living, the daughter of Tamara was appointed by the Joint Governor and the Georgian King announced the succession of the throne. Tamara also introduced outstanding skills after the death of his father. He earned a reputation as a ruler. During his reign, the Gregorian Empire reached the peak of success in political, economic and cultural aspects. The subjects gave the title ‘King of Kings’ and ‘Queen of the Queen’ in love with Tamara. Inspired by Tamara’s life, the epic ‘The Night in the Panthers Skin’ is written. Tamara is always capable of acquiring many cities in Georgia with its latest strategy. In 1204, Tamara occupied the town of Qar with his army. This powerful queen died in 1213 AD.
Only 17 years old, gave victory to France 
Joan of Arc
The French heroine Joan of Arc was burnt to death on 30 May 1431, dying. Earlier, during the war with the English, the French army led a section. He is a legend in France’s history. At the age of 17, the fugitive met with Seventh Charles and prayed for the salvation of the country’s independence. In the white robes, the young man entered the Arun city Orlayan on April 28, 1429, with 4,000 soldiers with a five-armed sword riding on the horse. The first attack won and one success came success. Rescued Turel Bagur, Paite and Sena Reein City. In this way, Seventh Charles took control of France.
He ruled for 40 years
Queen Judith was the ruler of Damoth city in 960 AD. He destroyed monuments and churches at that time and created panic in the Xam city and surrounding areas. He tried to destroy all the members of the dynasty and kill their descendants and kill their entire marks. His horrific acts have been narrated year after year. Various historical documents also mention its cruel attack. He ruled for 40 years continuously. He destroyed the Jail of Ethiopia’s treasury, Debra Dempo and the men’s relatives. In the ruthlessness of Queen Judith, she was called ‘Asto’ in Amharic language, which means Fire.
Emperor Claudius defeated
Septima Zenobia
Sepeptima Zenobia was the Syrian regime from 250 to about 275 years. At that time, Zenobia, riding in the back of the horse, led his army to the battlefield. Zenobia’s husband Adenthus was the Roman governor of Rome. After his death, Zenobia became the ruler of the kingdom. But he took over the occupation of the Syrian territory and the Egyptian rebellion, in the wake of the Roman Empire’s weakness, Egypt. During this time, the army of Roman Emperor Claudius of Rome was finally defeated by his efforts to retake Egypt. As a result, they were forced to retreat from a large part of Asia Minor. Armenia, Arabia and Persia allied with him.

On the back of the elephant, he used to go to war with two swords
Trieu Thi Trinh
There was a Vietnamese women warrior of the 250s Trieu Thi Trinh He led the rebellion against Chinese occupation force. During the reign of Vietman, he successfully rescues the occupation forces. He was born in Trieu Son district of Thanhwa province. The area was then controlled by China. Orphan Trieu Thi Trinh ran away from the house at a very young age after this, there were three thousand men and women soldiers formed in the army. Through this force, the resistance against the Chinese empire was created. Winning the war, able to occupy an area of Vietnam. There it established independent rule. He used to ride on an elephant, after wearing gold armor on his neck, with two swords in his hands. In 2448, the end of his life came to an end.
Formation and strategy are all over
After many years, many great writers have been writing this novel with this woman and many novels are going to write. Shakespeare is on the list as well as literary writers like George Bernard Shaw, Henry Ryder, Haggard. Cleopatra, the most discussed woman ruler in the history of the world, was born in 69 BC in ancient Egypt, Alexandria. In general he is known as Cleopatra VII. Like Cleopatra, in the form of love, it is equal to all men, and in the battlefield equally men’s eyes. In 48 BC, the commander-in-chief, Pampa, was defeated at the Battle of Farsalus. That year, on the way back to Alexandria, Pompe was killed by Farsalus. Cleopatra’s husband Ptolemy died when she escaped from the war. After her death, Cleopatra became the only Queen of Egypt.
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