Humanoid Robot will read the news

Humanoid Robot Sophia screamed out loud all over the world Almost exactly like a man gestures and spoke to everyone by surprise. The news story of Japanese news reader is going to be a robotic face like a living man. Japan’s researcher Hiroshi Ishiguro ‘Erica’ is the creator of this robot. In December 2012, Director of Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, Osaka University, told the Isiguruo Wall Street Journal that in 2015, this robot named Erica will be on the screen of Japanese television. A 23-year-old Japanese woman has been given the appearance of this robot. Currently the most advanced speech synthesis system has been attached.

From April to April, Erica will be seen in the role of regular news presenter on television. The news agency Daily Mail said that this robot named Erica is so perfect that when you see him, it seems like a man is like a man.
Erik maker Ishiguro said, “I am trying to bring this robot on television from 2014.” Not just as a news reader, in a carless vehicle
Eric’s voice may also be used to speak to the ascending. The robot will not be able to move his hand, if any sound is heard around or anyone can understand it and understand it by asking him questions. Using 14 infrared sensors and face recognition technology, Erica has some objects in a cell and can identify how it is in it.
Dr. Ishiguro also said that this robot will read it by gathering the information of human beings. On the other hand, another researcher at the University of Osaka, designer of Erica. Dylan Glass said, Erica has been taught to say the small jokes.
We want a robot that will think, act and do everything else without any help.
Osaka University and Kyoto University joint venture and Japan’s Joint Aero Technology Project funded the development of this archaea.

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